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We are experienced in preparing personal and corporate income tax returns with expertise, coupled with a sincere commitment to our clients. Our tax services are designed to ensure the maintainance of timely and accurate tax records and reports. Our tax services are affordable for both individuals and businesses. Our tax services include

Corporate Tax Services

Taxes can have a significant effect on the operation of any business. We prepare both federal and provincial tax returns for any form of business entity. We offer various corporate tax services, namely

  • Preparation of the T2 and CT23 corporate tax returns
  • Preparation, processing and remittance of GST (Goods and Services Tax)/PST (Provincial Sales Tax)
  • Corporate tax installments and development of a cost-effective process for managing your sales tax reporting and compliance obligations
  • Sales tax remittance instructions and forms for registered operators/vendors, individuals and non-registered businesses
  • Utilization of innovative tax strategies and changes in tax legislation to minimize your tax liabilities
  • Completion of CCRA required GIFI (General Index of Financial Information) schedules for corporation income tax returns

Personal Tax Services

We prepare your personal income tax returns and are capable of producing professional, computer generated returns. Unlike many other tax preparers we operate all year round, not just in the "tax season".We will assist you with your

  • Personal Tax Returns
  • Personal Income Tax Planning
  • Professional review to minimize your tax liability and ensure the maximum refund possible
  • Negotiation and settlement of tax disputes

Tax Planning Services

Accountmac provide tax strategies to minimize your tax and help you grow your wealth. Our goal is to keep save your money. Without strategic financial planning to manage the business's financial wealth, tax liabilities may become an issue. Our servcies are designed to

  • Develop tax strategies that take advantage of new tax laws and legislation.
  • Defer tax and improve tax accounting and other methods of structuring business affairs to gain the best possible tax advantages
  • Assist in corporate reorganization, whether for corporate tax planning, creditor-proofing or other organizational purposes

Tax Audits and Appeals

We have a vast experience of representing our clients in dealings with the Canada Revenue Agency on various tax matters, such as tax audits and appeals. We will help you overcome uncomfortable tax concerns and let you focus on your business by

  • Completing the necessary steps to ensure tax calculations are correct
  • Representing you in litigation situations and assisting with the development of the appropriate appeal and litigation strategy
  • Minimizing your liabilities and effectively negotiating a settlement

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